Battling Resistance in Illustration

Battling Resistance in Illustration

By Diana Zipeto


At an art school critique many years ago, my figure drawing teacher told me, “Your drawings have improved, but you still need to do some inner work.”

Even though what he said resonated with me (and stung!), I was not really sure what he was trying to say. Now, many years later, reading the book The War of Art, I now have a name for it:


My teacher was telling me…

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The Future of eBooks and Interactive Textbooks

The Future of eBooks and Interactive Textbooks

By Alison Potoma

I recently completed an online professional development class for art teachers called Tech Ready Teacher. Each week we explored another online resource that art teachers have used successfully in the classroom. The last week we discussed the future of online education, including interactive textbooks and eBooks.

url-5Textbooks for iPad will easily become the new way to use textbooks…

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Interview with Agent Danielle Smith

Interview with Agent Danielle Smith

danielle smithWhen I first read about Danielle Smith about a year and a half ago, I liked her immediately.  Her knowledge  and love for children’s literature make her the perfect resource for writers and readers alike.

KIRSTI CALL: Welcome to WRITER’S RUMPUS, Danielle. What is your favorite thing about being an agent?

DANIELLE SMITH:My favorite thing would have to be working with my clients and watching them…

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Meet the talented author/illustrator, Sarah Brannen!

Meet the talented author/illustrator, Sarah Brannen!

Portrait of children's author-illustrator Sarah Brannen

Sarah Brannen

CAROL GORDON EKSTER: Can you tell us a little about your journey of becoming an author/illustrator?

SARAH BRANNEN: I always knew I was going to be an artist – I guess I could say I always was an artist. My father gave me drawing lessons before I could write. I was showing prints and paintings in galleries, but I became increasingly unhappy not just with the gallery scene but with my…

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