Do you love NYC? At Your Service book trailer

Trailer Reveal and Giveaway of Giant Box-O-Books!

Want to Win Enough Books to Stock a Classroom Library?

By Jen Malone

Oh. Holy. Yikes!My book releases NEXT month and today I’m super-excited to share the trailer for it. Of course, I figured I’d make it just as much fun for you as it is for me, by sweetening things with a giant giveaway. I’m giving away two big boxes of buzzed-about books–some are ARCs (advanced reader copies), some are published, some are even signed–enough to stock a classroom…

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Does Your Book Have “It”?

Does Your Book Have “It”?

By Paul Czajak

Just recently I was interviewed by the Boston Herald about my series Monster&Me. Specifically Monster Needs A Costume, since it will be available in Target stores starting August 2014. The interview was great! The reporter asked me several questions and during the interview I was thinking, “Wow this is going to be a two page spread with the number of questions she is asking!” But…

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Battling Resistance in Illustration

Battling Resistance in Illustration

By Diana Zipeto


At an art school critique many years ago, my figure drawing teacher told me, “Your drawings have improved, but you still need to do some inner work.”

Even though what he said resonated with me (and stung!), I was not really sure what he was trying to say. Now, many years later, reading the book The War of Art, I now have a name for it:


My teacher was telling me…

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The Future of eBooks and Interactive Textbooks

The Future of eBooks and Interactive Textbooks

By Alison Potoma

I recently completed an online professional development class for art teachers called Tech Ready Teacher. Each week we explored another online resource that art teachers have used successfully in the classroom. The last week we discussed the future of online education, including interactive textbooks and eBooks.

url-5Textbooks for iPad will easily become the new way to use textbooks…

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